Andy’s tips on looking after your car’s paintwork, courtesy of Waldo’s Mobile Body Shop in Watford

Hints & Tips:

Washing your car

Believe it or not the best way to wash your car is the old fashioned conventional way, with a bucket and sponge or a jet-wash (with wash
and wax).

The carwash nylon brushes which spin on your car’s bodywork damages the protective lacquer, sometimes marking it, which can cause it to crack and fade over time, and may have to be resprayed.
Bird lime (muck)
Always remove bird lime if it lands on your car as soon as possible.
The berries in the lime turn to acid, which will eat through your car’s paintwork, marking it, staining it, and in some cases will not come out whatsoever, and may well need to be repainted.
Stone chips
If you get stone chips on your vehicle’s bodywork, do try to touch them in as soon as you seen them.
If they are left for a long period of time they will turn to rust and the bigger and deeper they will become. Plus, in many aspects, even if you do respray them they may well return, as it could have gone too far down into the metal.

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