About Waldo’s Mobile Body Shop in Watford

About Me

Hi, my name is Andy, the owner of Waldo’s Mobile Body Shop,

I learned my trade on-site in an award-winning body shop back in the early eighties where I was sent on many courses and have numerous certificates in vehicle refinishing (i.e. 2 pack refinishing), plastic materials, filler, and water-based paint spraying to name but a few.

I was always taught there is only one way to do a job, and that is to do it properly and to treat the customer’s car as if it was my own. With that in mind, I will always give you a guaranteed quality job.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

We carry out repairs to:

When will I be able to drive the car?

As soon as we have completed the repair you can drive the car. However, we do insist that you wait for at least three to four days before you give the car a good wash, then treat it as normal.

Will it be dry ?
We use infrared lamps to dry the paint and lacquer which takes 20 to 30 minutes to dry once it has been sprayed, so we can polish the car and make it look as good as new.
How do you match my car's colour?
All paint mixes are made up on-site. We are able to do this as we carry full paint mixing schemes on our vans. These are fed into our laptops giving us the right recipe to mix and match the colour of your car to the manufacturer’s specification, be it pearl, metallic, micra, or solid.
How long will the repair take?
All repairs are completed on the same day and can vary in time depending on the amount of repair work being carried out on your vehicle. To give an example: a door scratch may take two hours, all being well, but most jobs will be approximately two to three hours.
What damage can you repair?
Bumper: Bumper scuffs, bumper cracks, bumper holes, bumper gouges.
Car Scratches: Key scratches, vandal scratches, multipanel scratches.
Dents: Minor dents, trolly dents, parking dents.
Alloy wheel refurbishment: Alloy kerb damage, alloy scuffs.

Please note: we do not repair diamond cut, polished, or chrome alloys.

Where will the work be carried out?
We can arrange to do the work at your home or place of work whichever is more convenient for you, the only thing we require is a power supply and an adequate space for us to park our van next to your vehicle.
What do you do if it rains?
We use a purpose-made enclosure we drive your car into to keep the rain and wind off while we work.